Pomador Pomeranians
9889 5th Street Victorville, CA 92392

Congratulations on your purchase of a Pomador Pomeranian.  Your puppy is of great quality and is in good health.

Every effort has been made by our family to produce puppies that represent the standard of the breed.  A great deal of attention and consideration has been provided in socializing, caring and feeding to ensure a healthy, happy and loving start for your puppy.

We are very pleased that you have selected one of our puppies.  However, our puppies are not made available to just anyone, as we frequently turn buyers away.  All of our puppies are sold on an American Kennel Club “LIMITED REGISTRATION”, (unless other wise agreed upon) which means that they are NOT used for breeding/showing, but meant to be a companion dog only (see the full description by going to www.AKC.org.

It is a great source of pleasure and satisfaction to have each of our puppies going to such wonderful homes.  You have indicated a sincere desire and interest in providing a caring and loving environment for your puppy and his future looks bright.

I wish many years of loving and satisfying friendship for you and your puppy.

Best regards,

     Jared and Lacey Miles
     760)947-8310 or 760)486-6767

Your puppy has received the proper inoculation(s) for his age and has been wormed several times.  A complete record will be provided to you later in this document.

Upon taking your new puppy home, it is recommended that you contact your veterinarian regarding an appointment for an examination and a vaccination schedule.  Please take a copy of the “puppy information sheet” along with you to show to your vet. Once again, work with your vet and his recommended program to insure the health of your puppy.  It is recommended that your puppy be vaccinated through 20 weeks of age and rabies shot should be given on or about 16 weeks.  ANNUAL BOOSTER SHOTS SHOULD BE GIVEN TO PROTECT YOUR DOG.

Once your puppy has been fully vaccinated and given the OK from your vet, he or she should be enrolled in a group obedience class.  I cannot stress enough the importance of early socialization.  This “group” experience will not only help both of you to bond, but will teach both you and your puppy what the guidelines he or she must learn to become a well rounded adult.  I expect that there will be some training obstacles and moments (maybe hours/days) of frustrations, but remember, the more time that you put into your puppy and training, the better family member you will enjoy for many, many years to come.  If you have any questions regarding classes, techniques, etc… please feel free to give me a call anytime.


You puppy is currently eating Eukanuba Lamb and Rice puppy food.  I start all of my puppies on this food.  At about 1 year old you can gradually switch them to an adult food.  Please do not feed a cheaper brand of dog food in hopes of saving money…. Believe it or not, if you feed a good quality food (even though you will pay more for it), your dog will use or absorb more nutrients and eliminate less.  I give only one supplement – it is one
NuVet Plus wafer.  Please have this on hand when your puppy comes home, as he/she will already be on this.  This is an excellent product that you can order directly from the manufacture by calling 1-800-474-7044 and use my ORDER CODE # 76659. Please keep your dog on this for the rest of his life. 

I recommend that you keep the puppy on at least 3 meals a day (OMIT ANYTIME FOOD UNLESS YOU HAVE A TINY PUP) and then keep him on a breakfast/dinner plan for life.  By having a set eating time, this aids in timely elimination and makes housebreaking easier.  Please see attached “Feeding Instructions.”

You can give raw or steamed vegetables for a treat, as well as a few dog biscuits.  Remember, these are given in small amounts and are NOT meant to supplement the balanced diet.  Wait two weeks after puppy comes home to give any type of treats.  Keep them on dry kibble only.   Always provide clean – fresh  water !!!!!